For those from observatories willing to develop their database system using WOVOdat-like format, scripts are available here. These are basic scripts that could be used in starting database construction.

source: Endo in "Fire and Mud", 1996. Data from: CVO, AVO, Phivolcs

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The  collective record of volcano monitoring around the world is housed in roughly 100 volcano observatories and research institutes around the world, in a myriad of data formats. Often, volcano seismic data are stored separately from data of ground deformation, and those of gas emissions and other changes are found in other files. Published, legacy data are retrievable only with months of library work.

This new database is WOVOdat - a collective record of volcano monitoring, worldwide - brought to you by the WOVO (World Organization of Volcano Observatories) and presently hosted at the Earth Observatory of Singapore. It will have many uses for crisis response and research. The principal goal of WOVOdat, as contrasted with databases at individual observatories, is to enable rapid comparisons of unrest at various volcanoes, rapid searches for particular patterns of unrest, and other operations on data from many volcanoes and episodes of unrest. To make these searches efficient, we gather mainly processed, reduced, published data.

We invite you to explore our website. A generalized schema and data flow are shown on the next page. Detail of formats, the schema and tables are provided under Documentation.

A short history and timetable for development are given. WOVOdat is now in the data population stage so it is not yet open for data search and downloads. It is, though, open for data uploads, and we list data set that are already in WOVOdat. We actively solicit relevant data contributions from volcano observatories, other institutions, and individual researchers. Please click SubmitData to contribute data! The more complete data, the more useful WOVOdat will be.

A comparison of RSAM (real-time seismic amplitude measurement) culminating in eruption at three volcanoes. Mount St. Helens (May 1985 dome building), Mount Pinatubo (eruption of June 7, 1991), and Mount Redoubt (eruption of January 1990). (Endo et al., 1996). Data and figures from Endo et al., 1996.
Monitoring data of any kind can be viewed and compared, in time or space.
All data in WOVOdat will be tagged with contact information for the data owner (e.g. a volcano observatory or individual scientist) should raw data or additional details be required.

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