CoV11 Workshop Timeline

Workshop on volcano monitoring infrastructure on the ground and in space
Date: 18 – 24 Feb 2021
Time: 8am-12pm (EST)

Recorded workshop videos and presentations can be viewed here

Cities on VOLCANO 11 (CoV11)

Date: 14-18 June 2021
link: https://pcoconvin.eventsair.com/volcanoes11/

The Global Volcano Monitoring Infrastructure Database , is aimed at documenting and improving capabilities of volcano monitoring from the ground and space. GVMID is closely related to WOVOdat and WOVO (World Organization of Volcano Observatories), and presently hosted at the Earth Observatory of Singapore.

GVMID should provide a snapshot and baseline view of the techniques and instrumentation that are in place at various volcanoes, which can be use by volcano observatories as reference to setup new monitoring system or improving networks at a specific volcano. These data will allow identification of what monitoring gaps exist, which can be then targeted by remote sensing infrastructure and future instrument deployments.

Volcano hazard forecasts can be improved by a comprehensive and well-designed monitoring infrastructure (e.g., Winson et al., 2014). We invite active contribution from volcano community to the development of GVMID.

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