Global Volcano Monitoring Infrastructure Database (GVMID) feedback

Thank you for attending Global Volcano Monitoring Infrastructure Database (GVMID) tutorial.
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* 1. Overall, do you find the GVMID web-interface functionality clear and user friendly?


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* 2. Do you think that GVMID will be useful for you or your institution?

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3. How will you or your institution use GVMID?

For improving monitoring infrastructure at our volcano observatory

For research on designing volcano monitoring infrastructure

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* 4. Could you or your institution contribute data to GVMID?




5. If yes, how often you could update your data in GVMID?

Every month

Every year

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* 6. How would you prefer to contribute to GVMID?

Through GVMID web interface

Send email directly to wovodat@wovodat.org

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